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RevolutionBeat-Tribute to the Beatles consists of four seasoned professionals (aka “lads”) with a huge mutual passion for playing your favorite Beatles music just as heard by putting the phonograph needle down on the vinyl.  Remember those vinyl records?  Remember those harmonies?  It was magical!  The band is a Sacramento based group with members from Elk Grove, Roseville, West Sacramento, Stockton and Cameron Park/Shingle Springs.  The songs of RevolutionBeat are performed at a quick pace with some songs blended together.  It keeps everyone going and excited!  We also engage with the audience to give them a true feeling of being young, and in some cases young again!  RevolutionBeat strives to make every performance a fun and memorable experience for all ages.  Let us transport you down memory lane to a very special time in the 60’s when the Beatles invaded America and ruled the era over 50 years ago.  We are a very professional band that works (and plays) hard to ensure our audiences enjoy the most excellent musical satisfaction!

"Billy Hill Heaven"
"Ed Lennon"
"Justin Goldensticks"
Mr. Bill (Mgr)
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